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2 Of The Main Benefits to Dropshipping

1) Very Little Initial Capital Required

Unlike just about any traditional business (online or offline), dropshipping doesn't require a huge outlay of capital to get going. Since you don't have to pay for much upfront, you have much more leeway in your business for adjusting as you learn.

2) Zero hassles with staff, product fulfillment or overly complicated schemes.

As a dropshipper, you can completely bypass most of the hassles that other businesses have to deal with. This leaves you more free time for whatever else you have going on in your life...rather than having your business dictate how much time you have available.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • Is dropshipping right for you? The most important step is identifying whether dropshipping is the right fit for your situation. We'll discuss the minimum requirements, as well as give you an idea of what you have to look forward to.

  • The pitfalls associated with dropshipping. Like almost everything, dropshipping is full of places and people just itching to take advantage of someone new to the field. Find out what you can do to avoid falling into their traps.

  • What is the best method for you to sell products? Like most businesses, you have decisions to make about where to begin selling your products, and ways you can expand on your business once you are satisfied that it's working...

  • Where should you go to find the products you are looking to sell...and are they the right products? There are a handful of very important resources for finding not only the products you want from a reliable dropshipper, but also the best price on those products. But before you get to that step...are you able to be competitive selling the products you've chosen? If you aren't sure, this guide will help explain how to figure it out.

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    How to easily find a wholesale supplier, manufacturer, or drop shipper for virtually any product you just a few minutes.

    How to get your products for up to 80% below wholesale prices (imagine the profit margins!).

    Simple methods to getting around a supplier's minimum order quantities.

    Exactly how to deal with suppliers in order to get what you want (best prices, order quantities, drop shipping arrangements etc.)

    The amazing secrets behind backdoor to get your hands on the really prestigious items like real Rolex watches, without having a dealers license.

    How to start with no money or products to can start virtually from scratch (a must if you are on a tight budget).

    The golden rule that you MUST follow before you make any deal with a supplier (this can lead to literally thousands of dollars in saved money for only half an hour of your time.)

    How to work less hours and make more money. A simple formula used by some of today's biggest online sellers to choose the products they want to sell and make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with no extra effort (this is truly fool proof!)

    How to choose the perfect product to sell. Learn which products will bring in the biggest profit margins.

    Just for fun...exactly how wholesale lists are made. You can make your own wholesale list in under 10 minutes.

    Simple ways to dramatically increase your profits, without working any harder or raising your prices.

    Things to watch out for (there are a lot of ways to lose money on the internet, especially if you don’t know what to watch out for).

    What to do when a supplier refuses to give you samples.

    What to do when a supplier accepts only one kind of payment method.

    How to NOT get ripped off by the many con artists and scumbags.

    The simple truth about drop shipping, and how easy it is to find a reliable drop shipper. It's more simple than you think.

    The one irresistible offer you can make a supplier to make them forget about those large minimum order quantities. They will love you for it, and will want to do business with you again and again.

    How to get your products fresh from the factory (this is where wholesalers get their products.)

    The most important thing of all...You can find a supplier for ANY product you want! What product do you want? Shoes? Clothing? Electronics? Weird gadgets? Fish supplies? Computers? Travel mugs? Roler blades? Hi-tech digital computer pens? How about hair bands? Sports equipment? Musical instruments? Sewage treatment plants(yes, you can get that too :)? The point I'm trying to make is that whatever product you are looking for, you will find a reliable supplier for it using the "Buy ANYTHING Wholesale" guide.

    And you will learn much much more (over 40 pages more!) of extremely valuable information and advice!

    So, how much is all this information worth to you? How much is the ability to find a supplier for anything, anytime you want, worth to you?

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    Learn everything you want to know about drop shipping, drop shippers and how to properly use drop shipping to your advantage.

    • Learn to use over seas drop shippers to your advantage.
    • Exactly where and how to find drop shippers for virtually any product you want.
    • Methods to insure your drop shipping is done right.
    • Common mistakes to avoid if you really want to succeed with drop shipping.
    • And much more!

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    As you may already know, some products are extremely hard to come by for resale purposes (even if you have the money to afford a large order). This guide teaches you exactly how, where and what to do in order to get your hands on those extremely hard to find but HOT and profitable products.

    • Learn exactly where and how to find those extremely hard to find prestigious products (REAL Rolex watches, designer handbags etc.)
    • Learn the same methods used by Platinum power sellers to get their hands on the insanely profitable products they sell.
    • The truth about Luis Vuitton Wholesale lists
    • And much, much more!

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    > How To Safely Ship Your Products After The Sale

    > Glossary Of Internet Auction Terms

    > Email Follow-Up Templates

    > Three Great Ways To Profit From Magazines And Newspapers You Can Pick Up Free Or Next To Nothing At Auctions, Garage Sales And Flea Markets!

    > 21 Secrets To Building A Successful Online Auction Business

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  • You will learn how to automate your business for highest efficiency.
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